How to Join YAC – as at 28th July 2017

Athletes wishing to join YAC (updated 28th July 2017)

The Summer Term has just finished and we are currently issuing Renewal Invitations to athletes who were Full Members last term or who completed a Taster Session at the end of term.

We will shortly start issuing invitations for Taster Sessions to those who have applied since the end of the Summer Term.  We will try to accommodate as many applicants as we can for the first week of the Autumn Term which starts on 11th September.

All Applications are acknowledged by return email so please check that you receive a message as this confirms that the email address you provided is valid.  Sadly we get quite a number of email rejections and during the last term a number of our messages were automatically filed in Junk Folders.  There seems to have been a particular issue for Hotmail accounts. We do our best to correct rejected email addresses but cannot always work out what they should be.

If you have applied but not received an acknowledgement  please first check your Junk mail folder and if  still no message received please email

Our capacity does vary by session and by age group but overall we have more places available during the later (6:00 to 7:00pm) session on Fridays.  Space is most under pressure for our youngest members in the 6 to 7 years age groups as they require a higher coach to athlete ration than the older members.

We never offer “Trial Sessions” so that we can decide if an athlete “is good enough to join”.  Our policy is to work with young athletes of all abilities provided only that they want to participate.

If you would like to join YAC please click on the link below – the Application Form will open in a new window.  Please complete the form which will automatically be used to update our Membership database

Please DO NOT email or Comment to try to apply as, although as a courtesy we try to respond promptly to all correspondence, we can only accept applications using the form.

Membership Application Form