We will be contacting all parents of YAC’s existing and recent past Members to ask them to confirm they are happy for us to continue to hold information about their children in connection with their Membership of the Club.

Our Policy on collecting and storing personal information is:

  • We ask for the minimum information required to ensure that we can offer appropriate and safe athletics training for our Members. We cannot offer Membership to an athlete for whom we do not have this very basic information.
  • We also use the information to keep parents informed about the Club’s activities and events.
  • Information is collected using a parent completed Application Form and this is transferred without editing to our Membership database.
  • We send the parent completing the form a copy of  this data when acknowledging receipt.
  • Our athlete database is stored on a Microsoft hosted Office 365 account which we believe offers a high level of security.
  • We never supply any information to a third party nor do we use the information to promote other than Club activities.
  • When a Member leaves the Club we offer the choice to remain on our database so that we can continue to inform parents of our activities and we will delete records if requested.
  • When non-Members participate in an event or training camp run by YAC we apply the same rules to information collected about participants as we do for our Members, as set out above.

We believe our procedures mean that we are fully compliant with the provisions of the new Data Protection legislation.  If a parent has any questions on this subject please email