Easter Camp 2014 – Report and Pictures

Easter Camp 2014 – Coaches’ report

We had sunshine and blue skies for all three days of our Young Athletes Club Easter training camp April 2014.

For coaches and athletes alike, it seemed like we just had the best fun ever!

The programme for each day ran smoothly with every child taking part in each session and each new challenge.


We began each day with warm ups and drills moving into the morning schedule where athletes were split into age groups with each group rotating round each element.

All key events were covered; sprints, interval runs, vortex throw, high jump, long jump, hurdles.

The beauty of a training camp is that as coaches, we have more time to teach more specialist skills.

So we developed certain sessions to introduce more unusual events like hammer throw and to do time trials and measure distance for jumps.


On the final day, where some of our athletes were on their third day of training, we introduced more team events and games and a competition culminating in 4 x 100m relays round the track for everyone.  Our athletes were a pleasure to teach and we know all went home tired but happy at the end of each day.


We hope you enjoy the photos and we also attach Results from the time trials.


See you in Summer Term!


Virginia, Tony, Paul, Simone, Sue, Kerry, Nia, Rory, Rachel, Ffiach, Jasmine and Jonty.

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