Sportshall, 11th November 2017 – Results and Pictures

The YAC Teams did exceptionally well in last Saturday’s Surrey Athletics Network Sportshall competition.  Both the Boys and the Girls teams won the Gold medals.

Very well done to all those who contributed to that success – the athletes, coaches and all other helpers on the day.

The results can be downloaded here: 17-11-11 SAN Sportshall Results

The Official photographer, Stephen Wilder, took over 800 pictures which are on a OneDrive site and can be viewed or downloaded (for personal use) at the following links:

Album 1 of 4!Ah74ic4xvMkvaje5ESnQit4oVs8
Album 2 of 4!Ah74ic4xvMkvhxJGg_l7aw1rC5d2
Album 3 of 4!Ah74ic4xvMkvhxNRYNqaM2-mXYfe
Album 4 of 4!Ah74ic4xvMkvhxREifOfjY6buGMC

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