Sportshall Results from 16th March 14

A team of 9 boys and 10 girls from Young Athletes Club took part in the last of season SSAN Sportshall meeting for U11s at Spectrum on Sunday 16th March.
It was a very full on and exciting afternoon of indoor track relays and throwing and jumping events.
A total of 10 Surrey clubs took part, many with 2 boys and 2 girls teams.
All the races were very competitive and it was difficult to tell how well we were doing because there were 3 heats for each girls race and 4 rounds in the field.

After 4 hours of competition, we came to the final 4×1 lap relays where our girls team showed everyone how to do it.
There were expert changeovers between Holly, Maddie, Phoebe and Eva and we came home to win that race and beat Camberley.

The final results came as a super surprise and made it a reward for all the team’s efforts;

YAC GIRLS 2nd all received silver medals
YAC BOYS 3rd all recieved bronze medals

Young Athletes Club Sportshall winning team

Young Athletes Club Sportshall winning team

YAC girls team

Exciting results for our YAC girls team

Excellent finish for our boys team

Excellent finish for our boys team

Girls Team Result

1st Camberley
2nd YAC
3rd Epsom

Boys Team Result

1st Camberley
2nd Woking
3rd YAC

Well done to all our girls and boys who took part.

Some thank you’s!
Thank you to Gillian who was busy doing the results on the computer all afternoon.
Thank you to Paul for overseeing all the field events and Simone for helping with timekeeping.
Thanks to Virginia for organising and managing the team for all their events.
Thanks to the parents for supporting the children.

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