Training Friday 25th January to go ahead

We have decided to go ahead with the training session this evening and hope that Members will decide to go along.

A good part of the track at Spectrum is clear of snow and ice and is suitable for training.  However, there is still some snow on the track along the front straight and first bend so it is vital that all athletes report to Virginia on arrival and follow her instructions.  Please do not try to do a full circuit warm up run on arrival without first speaking with Vi.  Also please take care on the steps as although they have been gritted they may still be a bit wet and slippery.

The forecast says that the thaw should continue throughout the day today and there should be no more adverse weather in this area until late tonight.  It will however be cold and athletes should have warm clothes, hats and gloves available to wrap up after training has finished.  Please avoid wearing shoes designed for use on Astroturf – stick with ordinary trainers.

I hope everyone enjoys training tonight.


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