Club Championships

Over the next two weeks on Monday evenings we will be running events using the Quad Kids scoring so that Members can get a personal Quad Kids score which they can use to measure their personal progress.

The 4 events which make up a Quad Kids competition are a Sprint, mid Distance Run, Jump and Throw.  The lengths of the Sprint and the Run vary by age group and the Jump is either a Standing Long Jump or a full Long Jump with run up, again depending upon age and availability of facilities.  All throwing events use the Vortex Howler.

Points are allocated based on performance using a set of tables supplied by the

All members will do 2 of the 4 events on each evening and will have the chance to get a score in all 4 events over the 2 weeks.

On 11th July our Club we will be competing in a Quad Kids competition organised by the South Surrey Athletics Network at Walton Athletics Club.  There we will be competing against teams from other Clubs in the area.  This competition is available for young athletes who will be under 11 on 31st August and we will be contacting parents of our members who will be eligible to paeticipate.


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