Super Squad Membership of YAC

We are happy for Members moving to school year 6 (or above)  to stay at YAC and to train with us.

Even if you do not get a place at the next club straight away, athletes can stay and train with us.  We will able to coach your child for a long as they feel comfortable doing so, usually up to age 12/13.

We offer “Super Squad” Membership just for athletes who are in the process of moving to their next club.  This represents Second Claim membership and means that you can be doing taster sessions or you might even be a full member of the next club but you can still train and compete for YAC.

This costs half the price of normal full YAC membership.

The benefits are that your athlete can be a member of their new club but can still enjoy training at YAC and can also compete for YAC at indoor Sportshall events and the Quadkids Championships while they are in year 6, provided they are not required for a Team entered in the same event by their new Club.

So if your child is a YAC Member who has accepted a place at their new club or if they are doing taster sessions at their new club and you would like to have Super Squad membership of YAC, please contact