11 Years Old?

Athletes entering School Year 5 or above in September 2017

Our Members will be moving to a new school year in September so it is time for the parents of those going into Year 5 and above to consider a move to a Senior Club.

We are keen for our athletes to gain a place at their next club when they turn 11 years old so that they can continue their athletics and compete as Under 13s (see here for information about Age Groups in Athletics ).

Most local clubs have a programme for athletes joining in school year 6.

However, there is usually a waiting list. So please make sure you put your child’s name down as early as possible ie: when they are in year 5 especially if you want to join Guildford & Godalming (based at Spectrum) which is the obvious choice for most YAC members.  YAC Members DO NOT automatically move  to GGAC at the age of 11.

Please go to the website of the club of your choice  – Guildford & Godalming AC (GGAC), Woking AC, Aldershot, Farnham and District AC (AFD), Camberley AC, Bracknell AC – and follow their application procedure.

Please note that whilst we are happy to help parents with the process of moving to the next club, we have no influence as to who gets a place.  This decision is made by the Membership Secretary at the new Club.  Please feel free to contact them directly.

We maintain details of the application process as supplied by local clubs  which you can download here.   If you have any information which should be added to these notes please let us know.

For Members who are on a Waiting List or who want to continue some training at YAC during a transition stage we offer our Super Squad membership see here for details. 

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